15 Home Selling Myths You Need To Stop Believing

15 Home Selling Myths You Need To Stop Believing

Why are so many of these home selling myths regarded as hardcore truths by home sellers? That’s exactly the question Xavier De Buck, from Johannesburg (South Africa), asked himself after running into too many of them so far in his real estate career.

The answer to his burning question turned out to be rather straightforward: most home selling information found on/offline gets taken at face value, even if it’s completely unsubstantiated! And he’s right: why would anyone believe a complete stranger on some internet forum to be 110% correct? We buy houses Roseville

In this detailed article discussing the most common home selling myths, Xavier debunks them one-by-one, as he goes through the (il)logic behind many of those hollow statements. As a non-real estate professional, will the home seller be the one setting the asking price? Or will the likely overpricing of the property be part of the overall marketing process to “see how the market reacts”? Or is it perhaps to leave some extra room for negotiation?

My favorite quote used in this article undoubtedly is the following: “Unlike wine that gets better over time, homes are likely freshly baked bread: awesome to consumer the first few days, but as time goes, less and less pleasant! ” And isn’t that real truth! Or do you think that a quick offer means the property’s under-priced? And then you must probably agree that the longer the marketing, the better the offers will be as well? Heck, the house more than likely will sell itself!

I think you’re getting the point here: through his usual tongue-in-cheek writing style, Xavier did a great job in exposing all those home selling myths for what they really are: hearsay at best! Home sellers ought to be warned not to take a lot of the information they hear or find for granted, but to further research its validity before risking many thousands on its assumed truth! Hopefully, knowing the facts will give home sellers enough ammunition to avoid the many pitfalls caused by these myths!